3D Printing in Education: The 6 Essential Benefits

3D Printing in Education

3D printing is an amazing technology that has the potential to revolutionize many industries. It allows users to take a computer model and print it out as a real physical object, which can be handy in schools across the world, but what are its benefits in education?

1. Raises Student Engagement

raises student engagement

When an instructor needs to explain a complex theory or procedure, 3D printed hands-on models offer a way to illustrate difficult concepts and enhance student engagement. In the classroom, especially when time is limited and the subject is difficult, any additional opportunities to involve students will help create more effective learning environments.

2. Encourages Creativity

encourages creativity

The learning process is more likely to stick in the head of students if they have hands-on experience. 3D printing can help provide this kind of learning experience since the students practice their ideas and theories. They are able to try new things, test out their hypothesis, and be more innovative. By being inventive and creative with what they learn, they are more likely to remember it.

3. Improves Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking

improves problem solving and analytical thinking

Students learning how to work with 3D printers also need to learn patience. A 3D printing project can come out incorrectly because of minor problems and delays, which consist of a number of setbacks. These include potential mechanical issues, software problems, modeling mistakes, waiting times, and other unforeseen issues that take time and effort to resolve. Thus, students who are taught how to use 3D printers learn to exercise patience in working through obstacles. Students also learn persistence, as they must keep trying even if the model prints incorrectly at first. In persistence, students will continue trying until they succeed at overcoming their challenges.

4. Offers Opportunities for Learning

offers opportunities for learning

Educational 3D printing takes learning to a whole new level, providing hands-on experiences for students. Students are given the opportunity to design their own projects and bring them to life with their own hands. This is an excellent way to help students understand an idea better and to give them a chance to think outside the box. A 3D printer allows students to explore their creativity in new and exciting ways, challenging their minds while they have fun.

5. Creates Excitement Within the Classroom

creates excitement within the classroom

Excitement should always be present in the education world. Today’s students are digital natives, meaning they’ve grown up with technology. They’re excited to use cutting edge tools and software to learn and create. 3D printing is one of the ways students can connect theory to reality. 3D printers allow students to take their projects from the screen or paper and add a physical element that previously wasn’t possible. Students can hold a product they designed, which makes concepts easier to see, grasp, and understand.

6. Supports the Curriculum

supports the curriculum

Whether you’re an educator or a parent, it’s essential to have an idea of just how 3D printing complements the curriculum. The most obvious benefit of this technology is that teachers have greater flexibility in what they can teach students. With everything from science projects to medical structures being physically adapted in the real world on-demand, 3D printers are also rising as these devices can help make learning more fun. Plus, students can gain hands-on experience in fields like medicine and engineering by using this amazing technology.

By taking advantage of the benefits of 3D printing in general, technology-loving classrooms can make 3D printing a keystone of their education. Whether it’s using 3D printers to develop a greater understanding of the world around us using 3D models, or even just developing an interest in science, technology, and engineering, schools can use these incredibly effective tools to great advantage.

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