Wazer Desktop Waterjet

Cutting Area: 305 x 460 mm (12” x 18”)
Water Source: Tap Water
Materials: Metals, Plastics & Rubbers, Ceramics & Stone, Carbon Fiber

Integrated Abrasive Storage

Store up to 40lbs of abrasive, 2hrs of cutting, inside WAZER.

Easy Height Adjustment

Cutting head manually adjusts and locks in place.

Convenient Abrasive Removal

Used abrasive flows into containers for easy removal. Normally, you’d have to drain the tank and shovel it out by hand!

Onboard Controls

On-screen prompts to prepare your file for cutting. Arrow keys for jogging.


Cutting Area 12’” x 18” (305 mm x 460 mm)
Cut Bed Size 13’” x 19” (330 mm x 485 mm)
Kerf (width of cut) .044 (1.2 mm)
Water Source Tap Water
Water Drainage Standard water drainage
Input Water Filter ~ 300 mesh
Abrasive Flow Rate 0.33 lbs / min (150 g / min)
Abrasive Capacity 30 lbs (13.5 kgs)
Abrasive Type Garnet 80 mesh
Maximum Linear Speed 75 IPM (1905 mm/min)
Gantry Positional Precision 0.003” (0.08 mm)
Compatible File Types .dfx, .svg
Max Working Pressure & Flow Rate 4600psi (32Mps) @ 0.5 gal / min (1.9L / min)

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