DELTA WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0

With a closed build area of big dimension and its unique versatility, the professional 3D printer Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0 defines a new standard in the world of additive manufacturing. Today develop with an auto feeder pellet tank, an end pellet sensor for an even more reliable and always on print. It has a powerful extruder for technical and recycled materials.


Printer Dimensions 215 cm x 235 cm x 305 cm
Printer Weight 250 kg
Printer Weight 250 kg
Printer Volume Ø 1000 x h 1000 mm
Max Output 3.8 kg/h with ABS WASP and 5 mm nozzle
Standard Nozzle Diameter 3 mm
Compatible Nozzle Diameter 2 mm / 3 mm / 5 mm
Pellet Used Ø da 2 a 6 mm
Layer Resolution min 0,5 mm (with a 2 mm nozzle) – max 2,5 mm (with a 5 mm nozzle)
Print Speed 100 mm/s
Travel Speed 200 mm/s
Connectivity WiFi, LAN, USB
Hotend Temperature Max 350°C
Chamber Temperature Max 150°C

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