We gave our 770M a trio of servo motors, an encoder for rigid tapping, and a BT30 spindle. Faster travel speeds cut down program times, and a beefier spindle chews through aluminum, titanium, hardened steels, and alloys without a concern of tool pullout.

The 770M is full of details that make using it a pleasure. It’s the newest generation of CNC that offers enough value, performance, and support to earn the name Tormach.


Travels X-Axis 14 in. (356 mm)
Y-Axis 7.5 in. (191 mm)
Z-Axis 13.25 in. (337 mm)
Spindle Spindle Power 1.5 hp (1.12 kW)
Maximum Speed 10,000 RPM
Transmission Poly-V Belt
Spindle Taper R8
Thread Machining Tension/Compression, Auto-Reversing, Thread Mill
Maximum Feed Rate X- and Y-Axis 135 IPM (3.43 m/min)
Z-Axis 110 IPM (2.79 m/min)
Power Power Required Single-Phase 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 15A breaker
Machine Specifications Table Size 26 in. × 8 in. (660 mm × 203 mm)
Table Slots 5/8 in. (15.9 mm) (three slots)
Spindle Nose to Table Max Clearance 14.25 in. (362 mm)
Spindle Centerline to Machine Column 8.6 in. (218 mm)
Typical System Footprint 56 in. × 48.5 in. (1422 mm × 1232 mm)
Overall System Height 88 in. (2235 mm)
Typical System Weight 950 lbs. (431 kg)
Maximum Weight on Table 500 lbs. (227 kg)
Frame Frame and Table Cast iron frame and table, with hand-scraped hydrodynamic ways and tapered adjustment gibs
Way Surfaces Low-friction PTFE-filled, Acetyl-bonded sliding surface. Similar to Rulon® and Turcite®
Optional Accessories 10-Pocket Automatic Tool Changer
Power Drawbar
4th Axis
SmartCool™ Coolant System
RapidTurn™ Chucker Lathe Accessory
PathPilot® Operator Console
Full Enclosure
High-Speed Spindle

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