Tormach 24R


Engineered by Tormach’s CNC machine tool professionals to bring your ideas to life!

This computer-controlled 24R CNC Router is designed to accurately cut variety of materials, including aluminum, plastics, wood, and more. With an advanced control, rigid cast-iron bed, welded-steel stand, water-cooled chiller, integrated vacuum table, and more than a 2′ x 4′ work envelope, this router is the perfect choice for all your 2D and 3D cutting needs.

LOADED UP AND READY TO GO! Designed to optimize efficiency and productivity. The 24R CNC Router provides your shop with rigid and accurate cutting, durability, ease-of-use and gosh darn it, it’s pretty nice to look at too!

We’re Keepin’ It Cool … The 24R CNC Router automatically comes with a water-cooled spindle and chiller. We’ve included safety features in PathPilot to ensure you’re ready to start cutting. An integrated alarm will notify you if your spindle isn’t cooling or if the chiller is out of water.


Travels X-Axis 24.75 in. (625 mm)
Y-Axis 55.75 in. (1415 mm)
Z-Axis 6.70 in. (170 mm)
Spindle Spindle Power 2 hp (1.5 kW)
Spindle Type Electrospindle
Minimum Speed 10,000 RPM
Maximum Speed 24,000 RPM
Cooling Water-Cooled (Chiller Included)
Thread Machining Thread Mill
Maximum Feed Rate X-, Y-, and Z-Axis 200 in./min (5.0 m/min)
Power Power Required Single-Phase 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 15A breaker
Machine Specifications Table Type Integrated Vacuum Table
Table Size 26.7 in. × 65 in. (680 mm × 1650 mm)
Gantry Clearance 6 in. (154 mm)
Machine Footprint 72 in. × 39 in. (1.8 m × 1 m)
Overall System Height 69 in. × 56.5 in. (1753 mm × 1435 mm)
Overall System Height 76.5 in. (1.9 m)
Typical System Weight 900 lb (408 kg)
Linear Motion Components Axis Motion Ballscrew and Stepper Driver
Guideways Precision Linear Guideway
Machine Construction Stand Welded Steel (Included)
Machine Base Cast Iron
Gantry Aluminum
Resolution and Accuracy Resolution 0.00025 in. (0.006 mm)
Ball Screw Positional Accuracy ±0.002 in./ft. (±0.167 mm/m)
Repeatability ±0.001 in. (±0.02 mm)
Accessories Dust Shoe (Included)
Electronic Tool Setter (Optional)
Vacuum Pump (Optional)
10-Tool Automatic Tool Changer (Optional)

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