Modix BIG-60 v4 3D printer is our flagship 3D printer model. Introduced back in 2017 and now in its fourth iteration. Modix BIG-60 presents a competitive mixture of large build volume, premium components and a competitive price. As before, the improvements made in V4 are shared with all other models. New versions are designed with backward compatibility in mind, therefore owners of previous versions enjoy periodical performance improvements and long term high return on their investment.

Print Volume: 600 X 600 X 660 mm (XYZ).
Machine Size (WxDxH): 906x1060x1,506 mm
Shipping Weight: 120 KG (depend on add-ons selection)


Build Size 600x600x660 mm
~23.6×23.6×26 inch
Machine Size(WxDxH) 906x1060x1,506 mm
~35.6×41.7×53.4 inch
Shipping Weight 120 KG
~265 lbs
Enclosure Optional
IDEX Optional
Z Axis Guides Hiwin Rails Optional
DUEX Expansion board Included
Tilt screen & emergency button Optional
Casters Optional

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