Turn-key Metal 3D Printer

Meltio M450

Designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure; affordable, reliable, safe, and easy to use metal 3D printer. Ideal for small to medium size part fabrication, and multi-metal 3D printing research.


Dimensions (WxDxH): 560 x 600 x 1400 mm
Print Envelope (WxDxH): 145 x 168 x 390 mm
System Weight: 250 kg
Laser Type: 6 x 200 W direct diode lasers
Laser Wavelength: 976 nm
Total Laser Power: 1200 W
Power Input: 208 / 230 V single phase or 400 V three phase
Power Consumption: 2 – 5 kW peak depending on selected options
Process Control: Closed-loop, laser and wire modulation
Enclosure: Laser-safe, sealed, controlled atmosphere
Interface: USB, ethernet, wireless datalink
Cooling: Active water-cooled chiller included
Wire Feedstock Diameter: 0.8 – 1.2 mm
Wire Feedstock Spool: BS300
Wire Feedstock Spool: BS300
Wire Materials
Stainless Steels: Excellent strength and corrosion resistance.
Mild Steels: Cheap and ductile, with unparalleled machinability and weldability.
Carbon Steels: High impact strength, retain hardness at high temperatures.
Titanium Alloys: Highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.
Nickel Alloys: High versatility, outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.
Copper & Aluminum: Under Development.
Upgrades and Accessories
Hot Wire: Programmable power supply that preheats the material to increase the deposition rate.
Dual Wire: This option allows to 3D print two wire materials sequentially with very quick wire switches.
Laser Alignment System: It allows users to calibrate Meltio’s multi-laser deposition head accurately and effortlessly prior to every print.

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