Optimized for efficiency, safety, and easy of use, the Wash-1 features integrated debinding and drying stations. Parts can be washed in parallel, allowing you to maximize throughput on a wide variety of part sizes.


Debinder properties Wash-1
Materials supported All metals
Fluid used Opteon SF 79
Controller Integrated Control System
Workholding Stainless Steel Basket
Washing size 365mm x 254mm x 203mm
14'' x 10'' x 8''
Washing volume 18,356 cubic cm
(1120 cubic inch)
Environmental requirement External Exhaust
Safety control Low Fluid Shutoff Control
High Vapour Pressure Shutoff Control
Emissions Low Emission Design to Conserve Solvent
Power 120/240 VAC Single Phase, 15A / 1650 W Peak Draw
External dimensions 609mm x 685mm x 1067mm
(24" x 27" x 42")
Weight 136kg

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