The BOD2 printer is the result of years of continuous upgrades and improvements to the world’s best-selling 3D construction printer.


Description Unit Value
Product - 3D Construction Printer
Model - BOD2
Measurements (length x width x height) [m] -
Weight [kg] 5390
Current [A] 32
Voltage [V] 380-480 3 phases, + N + PE (WYE)
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Short circuit current IKmin [A] 500
Leakage current [mA] 300
Max. speed (X-axis) [mm/s] 250
Max. speed (Y-axis) [mm/s] 250
Max. speed (Z-axis) [mm/s] 50
Sound level [dB(A)] Less than 70
Required bed plate flatness [mm/m] 10
Movement system - Servo
Safety elements - The emergency stop function includes emergency stop push-buttons as input components, which are located in the following locations of the machine:
• 1x on each of the Z-axis
• 3x on the printhead
• 1x on the operator’s controller panel
• 1x on the main E-box
Connection - Wifi or LAN
Software - Soft-NA and COBOD Web Control Interface
Interface - Web Client (through browsers like Chrome, Safari)
Recommended operating temperature [°C] 5-35

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