Calibry is a hand-held 3D scanner meant to capture objects from 30cm to 10m in length. The name invokes images of Colibri (aka “Hummingbird”) which is known for its small size and incredible speed. It is also consonant with the word “calibrated” – accurate, precise.

Calibry is all about

Built-in Touchscreen

Allows you to see what you scanned. No need for a computer screen.

Lightweight & Portable

Under 900 gr (1.5lbs). Take it with you anywhere you go.

Fast Capture

35 frames per second. What will you do with all that extra time? Get up to 3M points per second!

Scans what others can’t

Sharp edges, black & glossy objects, and fur & hair are no longer a problem.

Complementary & Powerful Software

Each device comes with unlimited licenses of our simple, yet powerful software.

Proprietary Camera

We developed our own camera for this device. This makes Calibry faster, cheaper and better.

3 tracking modes

Track by geometry, texture or markers. We made sure you’ll never lose your way.


Calibrate or not. Up to you. We’ve provided the board for you just in case the mood hits you.

Almost unlimited-sized scan

Scan the car door or scan the whole car. Both the device and the software can take it!


Accuracy Up to 0.1mm
Accuracy over distance Up to 0.1mm over 1m
Point resolution Up to 0.6mm
Depth of view 55-95 cm
Field of view Min – 280 x 360 mm
Max – 490 x 650 mm
Texture Yes
Texture resolution 2.3 MP
Light source White LED
Frame rate up to 35 fps
Data Acquisition speed 3M points/sec
Multi-core processing Yes
Weight 900 gr
Touchscreen Yes, 4 in
Software Yes, included in the price
Operating temperature +5/+40C
Dimensions, in mm 165 x 85 x 274

Professional, Affordable, Easy-to-use 3D Scanners

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