5.1kgs / hr production

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so you can get the most out.

The SHR3D IT Shredder is a high-performance addition to your industrial setup – power through your day with a wide range of applications with our shredder. Combining the capabilities of an industrial grade shredder and a granulator.


Hardware Dimensions *excluding hopper 550 x 310 x 310 mm
21.7 x 12.2x 12.2 inches
Blades - shredder 9 RPM
6 premium shredder blades
Reversible rotation
Blades - Granulator 900 RPM
3 superior granulator knives
Blades - Hardening treatment High carbon and chromium air hardened steel
Color Industrial black exterior
Energy Consumption 1100 W
Voltage 220 – 230 V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Accessibility Operation 3 push buttons: On / Off / Emergency stop
Clean Quick and easy access
Adjust Simple to change filter
Repair Replaceable knives
Output Speed 5.1 kg 2.85 PLA filament / hour *
4.0 liter 2.85 PLA filament / hour *
Granulate diameter range Filter screen hole size or smaller
2 – 4 mm (0.08 – 0.16 inches)
Regrind filter 4 mm (0.12 inches) included

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