GP20 Shredder Hybrid

Introducing the most innovative autonomous plastic shredder. A modular dual-part system with an intelligent interactive display allows you to tailor material settings for best shredding performance. As a result, the GP20 is a total powerhouse – both powerful and precise.


Internal Default filter screen
Total shreddering blades
3.5 mm
14 blades (Combination of 2, 3 and 7 teeth blades are possible)
Intelligent Features Smart control
Material specific settings
Energy Voltage Consumption 120 or 240 V
AC 110Vā€“120V 50/60Hz - 1500Watt
AC 220-240V 50/60Hz -1200Watt
Size & Weight Dimensions
Dimensions of top hopper opening
95 x 75 x 145 cm
120x114 mm
125 kg
Cleaning Rating On a scale 1-10
(Compared to the SHR3D IT)

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